Based in Manchester, UK, I like to focus on sensual and intimate photography. 
When it comes to fetish photography, I like my portraits to be more personal, showcasing the connection that is inherent when practicing fetish and kink. Furthermore, I like to bring this connection through to the viewer inviting them to become more than just a spectator if they desire, allowing them to feel how they would fit into the scenes and in turn, challenge the viewer to reflect on their own roles within this world. 
With a deep interest in both traditional fine art and creative fashion, I love opportunities to mix these very disparate worlds together with kink to create more emotionally driven images and perspectives. The influence of these worlds lends me to think out of the box, working out how I can create items such as unusual props to reinforce the story of an image and provide striking elements of focus within a portrait. 
This mix of influences and the desire for connection allows me to bring fetish more toward mainstream, edgy, fashion photography as an outlet helping to normalise kink a little more. I also like my work to be a bit more thought provoking to the viewer helping challenge their own views they may have around fetish and kink.
Finally, I love to use models of all shapes and sizes in an attempt to help break down taboo’s that still exist within the community and the world in general. A focus on body positivity helps to show an element of the diversity within the community and helps reinforce that this is a community for all.

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